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Selected Emory Medicine/Health features

In time to help Jessie: two sisters who share NGLY1 deficiency, a rare neurologic disorder -Spring 2016

A different beast: brain tumors -Spring 2014

Boyhood interrupted: fragile X clinical trial -Spring 2012

Smelling trouble: non-motor manifestations of Parkinsons -Fall 2009


Damon Meharg and I have worked together on a few videos, in which we try to explain scientific concepts. 


Fecal transplant replants microbial garden April 2017

Galectins defend against bacterial wolves in sheeps' clothing Jan 2016

Cancer metastasis video wins AAMC top prize Nov 2015



From 2004 to 2007, I covered local government and environmental issues at the North County Times, which was later acquired, along with its archives, by the San Diego Union Tribune. This gives you a taste of some of the topics. (I still managed to sneak in a story on RNA interference.)


Master-planned communities becoming rarer September 18, 2007

Crews contain Julian fires July 3, 2007

Illegal immigration dominated Escondido news in 2006 Dec 31, 2006

Palomar Energy gets smog waiver, start up restrictions April 28, 2006

Development plans for Rancho Guejito Dec 27, 2005

On the prowl: Mountain lions lurk around San Diego County Dec 4, 2005

Farmers phasing out methyl bromide Sep 18, 2005

Drag racers blast Cruisin' Grand Aug 27, 2005

Chrome plating becoming more difficult May 8, 2005


My PubMed listing includes freelance science writing for Cell Press and American Chemical Society (2009-2010) as well as my PhD and postdoc papers